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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
661 Emory Teutonic Industrious ruler. M
662 Emric Teutonic Leader. M

663 Emrik Teutonic Leader. M
664 Emrys Celtic Celtic form of Ambrose. M
665 Emrys Welsh The Welsh form of the Greek Ambrose, meaning immortal. M
666 Emst German Serious. M
667 Emst Swedish Earnest. M
668 Emyr Welsh Ruler. M
669 En-dor Biblical Fountain, eye of generation, or of habitation. M
670 En-eglaim Biblical Eye or fountain of calves. M
671 En-gannim Biblical Eye or fountain of protection or of gardens. M
672 En-gedi Biblical Eye or fountain of the goat or of happiness. M
673 En-haddah Biblical Quick sight, well of gladness. M

674 En-hakkore Biblical Fountain of him that called or prayed. M
675 En-hazor Biblical The grass of the well. M
676 En-mishpat Biblical Fountain of judgment. M
677 En-rimmon Biblical Well of weight M
678 En-rogel Biblical The fuller's fountain, the well of searching M
679 En-shemesh Biblical Fountain or eye of the sun M
680 En-tappuah Biblical Fountain of an apple or of inflation M

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