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1941 Burney Irish Bear; brown. M
1942 Burnie English Variant of Birney: Small river or stream with an island. M
1943 Burns English Son of Byrne. M
1944 Burr Norse Young. M
1945 Burr Scandinavian Youth. M
1946 Burr Swedish Young. M
1947 Burrell English Fortified. See also Berlyn. M
1948 Burrell French Reddish. M
1949 Bursone English Son of Byrne. M

1950 Burt English Derived from the Old English 'beorht' meaning bright, glorious. Also used as a name derived from the surname and place name Burton, meaning fortified enclosure. Famous bearers: American actors Burt Lancaster and Burt Reynolds. M
1951 Burton English From the fortified town. M
1952 Burtt English Variant of Bert: Bright light. M
1953 Burty English Variant of Bert: Bright light. M
1954 Busby Norse Dwells at the village. M
1955 Busby Scottish Forest village. M
1956 Busbyr Norse Dwells at the village. M
1957 Bushy Shakespearean 'King Richard The Second' A favorite of King Richard. M
1958 Buster English Derived from a nickname used in the United States, occasionally used as a first name in honour of American silent film comic actor Buster Keaton. M
1959 Butch English Diminutive of Butcher: Butcher. M
1960 Butcher English Butcher. M

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