Browse Boys Baby Names Starting with letter 'B'

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
61 Baethan Irish Foolish. M
62 Bagdemagus ArthurianLegend Father of Meleagant. M

63 Baghel Arabic Ox. M
64 Bagot Shakespearean 'King Richard The Second' A favorite of King Richard. M
65 Bagwunagijik NativeAmerican Variant of Buegoneguig: Chippewa name meaning hole in the sky. M
66 Baha Arabic Brilliance, magnificent. M
67 Baha Muslim Beautiful. Magnificent.. M
68 Bahaadur Muslim Variant of Bahadur: Brave. Bold.. M
69 Bahadur Muslim Brave. Bold.. M
70 Bahaudeen Muslim The magnificent of the Faith.. M
71 Bahaudin Muslim Variant of Bahaudeen: The magnificent of the Faith.. M
72 Bahgat Arabic Variant of Bahjat: Happiness. M
73 Bahir Arabic Luminous;sparkling. M

74 Bahir Muslim Dazzling. Brilliant.. M
75 Bahiyudeen Muslim The magnificent of the Faith.. M
76 Bahiyudin Muslim Variant of Bahiyudeen: The magnificent of the Faith.. M
77 Bahjat Arabic Happiness. M
78 Bahlol Muslim Leader of a tribe. Jester.. M
79 Bahram Persian Name of a Persian king. M
80 Bahurim Biblical Choice, warlike, valiant. M

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