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Popular Welsh names for girls and boys

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21 Argraff Welsh Impression. F
22 Arial Welsh Vigorous. F
23 Arian Welsh Silver. F
24 Ariana Welsh Silver. F
25 Arianrhod Welsh Legendary daughter of Don. F
26 Arlais Welsh From the temple. F
27 Armes Welsh Prophetess. F
28 Artaith Welsh Torment. F
29 Arthes Welsh She bear. F

30 Arwydd Welsh Sign. F
31 Asgre Welsh Heart. F
32 Atgas Welsh Hateful. F
33 Awel Welsh Breeze. F
34 Banon Welsh Queen. F
35 Berth Welsh Beautiful. F
36 Berthog Welsh Wealthy. F
37 Bettrys Welsh The Welsh form of the Latin Beatrix, meaning 'brings joy. F
38 Blodwen Welsh White flower. F
39 Blodwyn Welsh White flower. F
40 Braith Welsh Freckled. F

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