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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
341 Gwallter Welsh Welsh form of Walter 'strong fighter'. M
342 Gwarthegydd Welsh Legendary son of Caw. M

343 Gwawl Welsh Legendary son of Clud. M
344 Gwayne Welsh White hawk. Variant of the medieval name Gawain. M
345 Gweir Welsh Legendary son of Cadellin Silver. M
346 Gwendelyn Welsh Fair; blessed. M
347 Gwenwynwyn Welsh Legendary son of Naw. M
348 Gwern Welsh Old. M
349 Gwernach Welsh Dwells by the alder tree river. M
350 Gwevyl Welsh Legendary son of Gwastad. M
351 Gwilenhin Welsh Legendary king of France. M
352 Gwilym Welsh A Welsh variant of William, meaning resolute protector. M
353 Gwitart Welsh Legendary son of Aedd. M

354 Gwrddywal Welsh Legendary son of Evrei. M
355 Gwres Welsh Legendary son of Rheged. M
356 Gwyddawg Welsh Legendary son of Menestyr. M
357 Gwydre Welsh Legendary son of Arthur. M
358 Gwydyon Welsh Legendary son of Don. M
359 Gwylim Welsh A Welsh variant of William, meaning resolute protector. M
360 Gwyn Welsh White or handsome. M

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