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Popular Teutonic names for girls and boys

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101 Bertold Teutonic Shines. M
102 Berton Teutonic Shining friend. M
103 Bertram Teutonic Shining raven. M
104 Bertrand Teutonic Shining raven. M
105 Bertwin Teutonic Shining friend. M
106 Bevis Teutonic Archer. M
107 Booth Teutonic From the market stall. M
108 Boyce Teutonic Dwells in the woods. M
109 Brainard Teutonic Bold raven. M

110 Brandon Teutonic From the beacon hill. M
111 Brant Teutonic Firebrand. M
112 Brantley Teutonic Firebrand. M
113 Bruno Teutonic Dark skinned. M
114 Burke Teutonic Stronghold. M
115 Burleigh Teutonic From the meadow by the hill. M
116 Burley Teutonic From the meadow by the hill. M
117 Byron Teutonic From the cottage. M
118 Canute Teutonic Hill. M
119 Cavell Teutonic Bold. M
120 Chalmar Teutonic Lord of the home. M

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