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181 Rutger Swedish Swedish form of Roger 'renowned spear'. M
182 Samson Swedish Son of Samuel 'heard'. M
183 Samuel Swedish God listens. M
184 Saul Swedish Desired. M
185 Set Swedish Compensation. M
186 Sigurd Swedish Victorious. M
187 Sigvard Swedish Victorious. M
188 Simson Swedish Son of Samuel 'heard'. M
189 Soren Swedish Reddish brown hair. M

190 Staffan Swedish Swedish form of Stephen 'crowned with laurels'. M
191 Stefan Swedish Swedish form of Stephen 'crowned with laurels'. M
192 Sten Swedish Stone. M
193 Stig Swedish From the mount. M
194 Sven Swedish Young. M
195 Svenbjom Swedish Young bear. M
196 Svend Swedish Young. M
197 Svens Swedish Young. M
198 Tage Swedish Day. M
199 Tait Swedish Happy. M
200 Thor Swedish God of thunder. M


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