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21 Berdy Russian Very intelligent. M
22 Bogdashha Russian Gift from God. M
23 Bohdan Russian Gift from God. M
24 Bolodenka Russian Peaceful. M
25 Boris Russian Fight. Fighter. Famous bearers: Russian writer Boris Pasternak, author of Dr Zhivagoz; Boris Godunov, Tsar of Russia from 1598 to 1605; British actor Boris Karloff, who played Frankenstein's monster in 1931. M
26 Borya Russian Fighter. M
27 Boryenka Russian Fighter. M
28 Brends Russian Russian form of Stephen 'crowned with laurels'. M
29 Brody Russian From Brody. M

30 Burian Russian Lives near the weeds. M
31 Cheslav Russian Lives in a strong camp. M
32 Czar Russian Emperor. Variant of Caesar. M
33 Danya Russian God's gift. M
34 Dema Russian Calm. M
35 Dima Russian Strong fighter. M
36 Dimitre Russian Variant of Dimitri: Earth-lover. M
37 Dimitri Russian Earth-lover. M
38 Dimitrios Russian Variant of Dimitri: Earth-lover. M
39 Dimitry Russian Variant of Dimitri: Earth-lover. M
40 Dmitr Russian Variant of Dimitri: Earth-lover. M

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