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21 Hadassah Persian Myrtle or bride. M
22 Jamsheed Persian A Persian. M
23 Jasper Persian Keeper of treasure. Derived from Gaspar or Caspar. M
24 Kansbar Persian Treasure master. M
25 Kaveh Persian Name of a hero. M
26 Ksathra Persian Ruler. M
27 Leila Persian Born at night. M
28 Majeed Persian Superior. M
29 Mehrdad Persian Gift ftom the sun. M

30 Melchior Persian King. M
31 Nasim Persian Breeze. M
32 Saeed Persian Happy. M
33 Said Persian Happy. M
34 Shatrevar Persian Flower. M
35 Sohrab Persian Name of a hero. M
36 Soroush Persian Happiness. M
37 Val Persian High hill. M
38 Xenres Persian Prince. M

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