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Popular Norse names for girls and boys

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21 Ander Norse Norse form of Andrew. M
22 Anderson Norse Son of Ander. M
23 Andvaranaut Norse Brunhild's ring. M
24 Andvari Norse Mythical treasure guardian. M
25 Annar Norse Father of the world. M
26 Ansgar Norse Spear of the gods. M
27 Aren Norse Rule of the eagle. M
28 Ari Norse Eagle. M
29 Aric Norse Rule with mercy. See also Eric. M

30 Aricin Norse Eternal king's son. M
31 Arick Norse Variant of Aric 'rule with mercy.'. M
32 Arik Norse Variant of Aric 'rule with mercy.'. M
33 Arild Norse Battle commander. M
34 Arkin Norse Eternal king's son. M
35 Arkyn Norse Eternal king's son. M
36 Armod Norse Blood brother of Geirleif. M
37 Arneot Norse Frightens eagles. M
38 Arngeir Norse Eagle spear. M
39 Arni Norse In Njal's saga the killer of Althing. M
40 Arnlaug Norse Eagle. M

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