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61 Canowicakte NativeAmerican Sioux name meaning forest hunter. M
62 Cashesegra NativeAmerican Osage name meaning tracks of a large animal. M
63 Cetanwakuwa NativeAmerican Sioux name meaning attacking hawk. M
64 Cha'akmongwi NativeAmerican Crier chief (Hopi). M
65 Cha'tima NativeAmerican The caller (Hopi). M
66 Chankoowashtay NativeAmerican Good road (Sioux). M
67 Chansomps NativeAmerican Locust (Algonquin). M
68 Chas chunk a NativeAmerican Wave (Winnebago). M
69 Chaska NativeAmerican Sioux name given to the first son born. M

70 Chavatangakwunua NativeAmerican Short rainbow (Hopi). M
71 Chayton NativeAmerican Falcon (Sioux). M
72 Cheasequah NativeAmerican Cherokee name meaning red bird. M
73 Cheauka NativeAmerican Hopi name meaning clay. M
74 Chebona Bula NativeAmerican Creek name meaning laughing boy. M
75 Cherokee NativeAmerican People of a different speech. One of the largest American Indian tribes. M
76 Chesmu NativeAmerican Rough; abrasive; witty. M
77 Cheveyo NativeAmerican Spirit warrior (Hopi). M
78 Chitto NativeAmerican Creek name meaning brave. M
79 Chochmo NativeAmerican Mud mound (Hopi). M
80 Chochokpi NativeAmerican Throne for the clouds (Hopi). M

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