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301 Segenam NativeAmerican Lazy (Algonquin). M
302 Sewati NativeAmerican Curved bear claw (Miwok). M
303 Shilah NativeAmerican Brother (Navajo). M
304 Shiriki NativeAmerican Coyote (Pawnee). M
305 Shishiesh NativeAmerican Variant of Ashishishe: Crow name for crow. M
306 Shiye NativeAmerican Son (Navajo). M
307 Shizhe'e NativeAmerican Father (Navajo). M
308 Shoemowetochawcawe NativeAmerican High backed wolf (Cheyenne). M
309 Sicheii NativeAmerican Grandfather (Navajo). M

310 Sik'is NativeAmerican Friend (Navajo). M
311 Sike NativeAmerican He sits at home (Navajo). M
312 Sikyahonaw NativeAmerican Yellow bear (Hopi). M
313 Sikyatavo NativeAmerican Yellow rabbit (Hopi). M
314 Siwili NativeAmerican Tail of the fox. M
315 Skah NativeAmerican White (Sioux). M
316 Songaa NativeAmerican Strong. M
317 Sowi'ngwa NativeAmerican Black - tailed deer (Hopi). M
318 Sucki NativeAmerican Black (Algonquin). M
319 Sunukkuhkau NativeAmerican He crushes (Algonquin). M
320 T'iis NativeAmerican Cottonwood (Navajo). M

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