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741 Suhaylah Muslim Smooth. Soft ground. Fluent. Flowing style.. F
742 Suhaymah Muslim Small arrow.. F
743 Suhayr Muslim Proper name.. F
744 Sultaana Muslim Variant of Sultana: Queen. Empress.. F
745 Sultana Muslim Queen. Empress.. F
746 Sumayyah Muslim Proper name.. F
747 Sunbool Muslim Variant of Sunbul: Ear. Spike of grain.. F
748 Sunbul Muslim Ear. Spike of grain.. F
749 Taahira Muslim Variant of Tahirah: Pure. Chaste.. F

750 Taaj Muslim Variant of Taj: Crown.. F
751 Tahirah Muslim Pure. Chaste.. F
752 Tahiyya Muslim Greeting. Cheer.. F
753 Tahseen Muslim Variant of Tahsin: Praise. Beautification.. F
754 Tahsin Muslim Praise. Beautification.. F
755 Tahzeeb Muslim Variant of Tahzib: Culture. Education.. F
756 Tahzib Muslim Culture. Education.. F
757 Tai'at Muslim Seen. Risen.. F
758 Taj Muslim Crown.. F
759 Takiyah Muslim Pious. Righteous.. F
760 Takseen Muslim Variant of Taskin: Satisfaction. Peace.. F

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