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Popular Muslim names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
561 Radhia Muslim Well-satisfied.. F
562 Radwa Muslim Name of a mountain in Medina.. F

563 Rafa' Muslim Happiness. Prosperity.. F
564 Rafee'a Muslim Variant of Rafi'a: Exalted. Sublime.. F
565 Rafeeqa Muslim Variant of Rafiga: Sweetheart. Companion.. F
566 Rafi'a Muslim Exalted. Sublime.. F
567 Rafiga Muslim Sweetheart. Companion.. F
568 Raghd Muslim Pleasant.. F
569 Raheela Muslim Variant of Rahila: Departure. Exodus.. F
570 Rahil Muslim Rachel.. F
571 Rahila Muslim Departure. Exodus.. F
572 Raihaana Muslim Variant of Raihana: Aromatic. Sweet basil.. F
573 Raihana Muslim Aromatic. Sweet basil.. F

574 Raja' Muslim Hope. Hopeful.. F
575 Rakhshanda Muslim Shining. Brilliant.. F
576 Rana Muslim To gaze. Look beautiful. Graceful.. F
577 Ranarauna Muslim To gaze. Look.. F
578 Ranaraunaa Muslim Variant of Ranarauna: To gaze. Look.. F
579 Rand Muslim Tree of good scent.. F
580 Rani Muslim The queen.. F

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