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181 Giulia Italian Italian form of Julia: youthful. F
182 Giuliana Italian Variant of Juliana. Young. F
183 Grazia Italian Grace. F
184 Guillelmina Italian Feminine form of William: resolute protector. F
185 Gulielma Italian An Italian feminine form of William, meaning resolute or determined protector. F
186 Horatia Italian Timekeeper. The feminine form derived from the Roman clan name Horatius. F
187 Ines Italian Chaste. Variant of Agnes. F
188 Iniga Italian Fiery. F
189 Isabella Italian Italian form of Isabel: consecrated to God. F

190 Jemma Italian Jewel or gem. Famous bearer: Italian saint Gemma Gaigani, actress Gemma Craven. F
191 Juliet Italian An Italian diminutive of Julia. Juliet was the young heroine of Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. F
192 Julietta Italian Variant of Julia. Jove's child. F
193 Juliette Italian Variant of Juliet: An Italian diminutive of Julia. Famous bearer: Juliet, young heroine of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. F
194 Kara Italian Dear, beloved. From the feminine form of Italian 'cara' or the Latin 'carus'. F
195 Karina Italian Dear, beloved. From the feminine form of Italian 'cara' or the Latin 'carus'. F
196 Leola Italian Lion. F
197 Leonora Italian Light. Diminutive of Eleanora. Famous bearer: Leonora was the heroine of Beethoven's opera Fidelio (1814). F
198 Leora Italian Shining light. Variant of Eleanor. F
199 Letizia Italian Glad. F
200 Lia Italian An abbreviation of names like Amalia: (hard working;industrious) and Rosalia: (Rose). F


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