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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
241 Caycey Irish Variant of Casey: Observant; alert; vigorous. M
242 Ceallach Irish War; strife. M

243 Ceallachan Irish Variant of Ceallach: War; strife. M
244 Cearbhall Irish Manly. M
245 Cearnach Irish Victorious. M
246 Cein Irish Archaic. M
247 Celsus Irish Name of a saint. M
248 Chann Irish Young wolf. M
249 Channe Irish Young wolf. M
250 Channing Irish Young wolf. M
251 Channon Irish Young wolf. M
252 Cian Irish Old; ancient; archaic. M
253 Cianan Irish Variant of Cian: Old; ancient; archaic. M

254 Ciaran Irish Black-haired. M
255 Ciardha Irish Variant of Ciaran: Black-haired. M
256 Ciarrai Irish County. Variant of Ciaran: Black-haired. M
257 Cillan Irish Variant of Ceallach: War; strife. M
258 Cillian Irish Variant of Ceallach: War; strife. M
259 Cinneide Irish Variant of Cinneidid: Helmeted; helmed head. M
260 Cinneidid Irish Helmet head; helmed head. M

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