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41 Brahman Indian Absolute. M
42 Brahmaputra Indian Son of Brahma. M
43 Chakra Indian Symbol of the sun. M
44 Chandaka Indian Charioteer of Buddha. M
45 Chandra Indian Moon. M
46 Chinja Indian Son. M
47 Daksha Indian Brilliant. M
48 Das Indian A slave. M
49 Dasa Indian A slave. M

50 Dasras Indian Handsome. M
51 Dasya Indian He serves. M
52 Deven Indian For God. M
53 Dhenuka Indian A demon. M
54 Dhumavarna Indian The color of smoke. M
55 Duhkha Indian Sorrowful. M
56 Durvasas Indian Son of Atri. M
57 Dushkriti Indian Sum of all sins. M
58 Dyaus Indian Sky. M
59 Ekadanta Indian Has one tooth. M
60 Frashegird Indian Wonderful. M

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