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1001 Theseus Greek Son of Aegeus. M
1002 Thyestes Greek Brother of Atreus. M
1003 Tiege Greek Honor. M
1004 Tim Greek Diminutive of Timothy: God's honour; God fearing. M
1005 Timmy Greek Diminutive of Timothy: God's honour; God fearing. M
1006 Timon Greek One who honors God. The biblical Timothy was the young Christian to whom Paul wrote. 'Let no man look down on your youth.'. M
1007 Timothea Greek God fearing. M
1008 Timotheos Greek God fearing. M
1009 Timothy Greek God's honour; God fearing. M

1010 Timun Greek God fearing. M
1011 Tiomoid Greek God fearing. M
1012 Tiresias Greek A blind seer. M
1013 Tito Greek Of the giants. M
1014 Titos Greek Of the giants. M
1015 Titus Greek Titan; of the giants. M
1016 Tityus Greek A giant. M
1017 Tivadar Greek Gracious gift. M
1018 Todor Greek Gracious gift. M
1019 Toxeus Greek Brother of Althaea. M
1020 Tracey Greek Harvester. M

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