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141 Audrick German Noble friend. M
142 Audwin German Noble friend. M
143 Audwine German Noble friend. M
144 August German German form of the Latin Augustus, meaning majestic dignity, or venerable. M
145 Augustine German Majestic dignity; grandeur. M
146 Augustus German Majestic dignity; grandeur. M
147 Auheron German Derived from two Old German words meaning noble and bear-like. Auberon was the king of the fairies in medieval romance. M
148 Aurick German Noble leader. M
149 Aurik German Noble leader. M

150 Axel German Father of peace. M
151 Aylwin German Variant of Alvin: Friend. M
152 Bald German Diminutive of Baldwin: Brave friend. M
153 Baldemar German Princely. M
154 Baldovino German Variant of Baldwin: Brave friend. M
155 Baldric German Brave ruler. M
156 Baldrick German Variant of Baldric: Brave ruler. M
157 Baldrik German Bold. M
158 Balduin German Bold friend. M
159 Baldwin German Brave friend. M
160 Baldwinn German Variant of Baldwin: Brave friend. M

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