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561 Nuallan Gaelic Famous. M
562 Nygel Gaelic Champion From the Irish and Scottish Niall. M
563 Odharnait Gaelic Pale. M
564 Odran Gaelic Pale. M
565 Oran Gaelic Pale. M
566 Oren Gaelic Pale. M
567 Orin Gaelic Pale. M
568 Orran Gaelic Pale. M
569 Orren Gaelic Pale. M

570 Orrin Gaelic Pale. M
571 Padruig Gaelic Gaelic form of Patrick. M
572 Parthalan Gaelic Son of the furrows. M
573 Peadar Gaelic Gaelic form of Peter. M
574 Phelan Gaelic Little wolf. M
575 Piaras Gaelic Rock. M
576 Pol Gaelic Little. M
577 Proinsias Gaelic Frank. M
578 Quade Gaelic From the Scottish clan name McQuade. M
579 Quigley Gaelic Distaff. M
580 Quin Gaelic Counsel. Variant of Quinn. M

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