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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
4361 Wryhta English Craftsman. M
4362 Wudoweard English Forester. M

4363 Wulf English Wolf. M
4364 Wulfcot English Lives in Wolfe's cottage. M
4365 Wulffrith English Wolf of peace. M
4366 Wulfgar English Wolf spear. M
4367 Wulfsige English Victorious wolf. M
4368 Wulfweardsweorth English World guardian. M
4369 Wyatt English Guide; wide; wood. Famous Bearer: Wild west hero and frontier marshal Wyatt Earp (1848-1929). M
4370 Wybert English Bright battle. M
4371 WycIyf English From the white cliff. M
4372 Wycliff English From the white cliff. M
4373 WyIfrid English Friend of peace. M

4374 WyIltun English From the farm by the spring. M
4375 Wylie English Well-watered meadow. M
4376 Wyligby English From the willow farm. M
4377 Wylingford English From the willow ford. M
4378 Wyman English Warrior. M
4379 Wymer English Famous in battle. M
4380 Wyndell English Friend. Surname. M

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