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101 Raziya Egyptian Agreeable. F
102 Rehema Egyptian Compassionate. F
103 Renenet Egyptian Mythical goddess of fortune. F
104 Sabah Egyptian Born in the morning. F
105 Safiya Egyptian Pure. F
106 Sagira Egyptian Little one. F
107 Sakhmet Egyptian Mythical goddess worshipped in Memphis; lioness. F
108 Salihah Egyptian Agreeable. F
109 Sanura Egyptian Kitten. F

110 Sekhet Egyptian Wife of Ptah. F
111 Selk Egyptian Another form of Isis. F
112 Selma Egyptian Secure. F
113 Serq Egyptian Another form of Isis. F
114 Shani Egyptian Wonderful. F
115 Sharifa Egyptian Respected. F
116 Shukura Egyptian Grateful. F
117 Siti Egyptian Lady. F
118 Sslama Egyptian Peaceful. F
119 Subira Egyptian Patient. F
120 Suma Egyptian Ask. F

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