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Popular Celtic names for girls and boys

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161 Isold Celtic The fair. F
162 Isolda Celtic The fair. F
163 Isolde Celtic The fair. F
164 Jennifer Celtic White wave. F
165 Jenny Celtic White wave. F
166 Jennyfer Celtic White wave. F
167 Jennyver Celtic White wave. F
168 Joyce Celtic Feminine of Jodoc. F
169 Keelia Celtic Slender or comely. F

170 Keelin Celtic Slender or comely. F
171 Keely Celtic Slender or comely. F
172 Kennocha Celtic Lovely. F
173 Lavena Celtic Joy. F
174 Lesley Celtic From the gray fortress. F
175 Leslie Celtic From the gray fortress. F
176 Linette Celtic Grace. F
177 Linnette Celtic Grace. F
178 Lynet Celtic Grace. F
179 Lynette Celtic Grace. F
180 Lyonesse Celtic Little lion. F

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