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1221 Thyatira Biblical A perfume, sacrifice of labor. F
1222 Tibbath Biblical Killing, a cook. F
1223 Tidal Biblical That breaks the yoke, knowledge of elevation. F
1224 Timnah Biblical Forbidding. F
1225 Timnath Biblical Image, figure, enumeration. F
1226 Timnath-heres Biblical Image of the sun, numbering of the rest. F
1227 Timnath-serah Biblical Image of the sun, numbering of the rest. F
1228 Timon Biblical Honorable, worthy. F
1229 Tiphsah Biblical Passage, leap, step, the passover. F

1230 Tirhakah Biblical Inquirer, examiner, dull observer. F
1231 Tirzah Biblical Benevolent, complaisant, pleasing. F
1232 Tishbite Biblical That makes captive. F
1233 Toah Biblical Weapon, dart. F
1234 Tob Biblical Good, goodness. F
1235 Tochen Biblical Middle. F
1236 Tohu Biblical That lives, that declares. F
1237 Toi Biblical Who wanders. F
1238 Tolad Biblical A generation. F
1239 Tophel Biblical Ruin, folly, without understanding. F
1240 Tophet Biblical A drum, betraying. F

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