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81 Apollonia Biblical Perdition, destruction. F
82 Apphia Biblical Productive; fruitful F
83 Aquila Biblical An eagle. F
84 Ar Biblical Awakening, uncovering. F
85 Arab Biblical Multiplying, sowing sedition, a window, a locust. F
86 Arabia Biblical Evening, desert, ravens. F
87 Arcturus Biblical A gathering together. F
88 Areopagus Biblical The hill of Mars. F
89 Aretas Biblical Agreeable, virtuous. F

90 Argob Biblical A turf, or fat land. F
91 Ariel Biblical Altar, light or lion of God. F
92 Armageddon Biblical A hill of fruits, mountain of Megiddo. F
93 Arnon Biblical Rejoicing, sunlight. F
94 Aroer Biblical Heath, tamarisk. F
95 Arpad Biblical The light of redemption. F
96 Arumah Biblical High, exalted. F
97 Asenath Biblical Peril, misfortune. Joseph's Egyptian wife. F
98 Ashan Biblical Smoke. F
99 Ashima Biblical Crime, offense. F
100 Ashnah Biblical Change. F

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