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Popular Anglo-Saxon names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
241 Graham Anglo-Saxon Warring. M
242 Grahem Anglo-Saxon Warring. M

243 Gram Anglo-Saxon Warring. M
244 Gremian Anglo-Saxon Enrages. M
245 Grendel Anglo-Saxon Legend name. M
246 Grimbold Anglo-Saxon Fierce bold. M
247 Grimm Anglo-Saxon Fierce. M
248 Grimme Anglo-Saxon Fierce. M
249 Grindan Anglo-Saxon Sharp. M
250 Halig Anglo-Saxon Holy. M
251 Halwende Anglo-Saxon Lonely. M
252 Ham Anglo-Saxon Home. M
253 Hengist Anglo-Saxon Son of Wodan. M

254 Heolstor Anglo-Saxon Darkness. M
255 Heorot Anglo-Saxon Deer. M
256 Hererinc Anglo-Saxon Hero. M
257 Heretoga Anglo-Saxon Commander. M
258 Hilderinc Anglo-Saxon Warrior. M
259 Hlaford Anglo-Saxon Master. M
260 Hlisa Anglo-Saxon Fame. M

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