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Popular Anglo-Saxon names for girls and boys

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1 Acca Anglo-Saxon From Acca. F
2 Aedre Anglo-Saxon Stream. F
3 Aefentid Anglo-Saxon Evening. F
4 Aefre Anglo-Saxon Forever. F
5 Aerlene Anglo-Saxon Elfin. F
6 Aethelflaed Anglo-Saxon Sister of King Edward. F
7 Aethelthryth Anglo-Saxon Wife of King Ecgfrith. F
8 Aisley Anglo-Saxon Dwells at the ash tree meadow. F
9 Aisly Anglo-Saxon Dwells at the ash tree meadow. F

10 Alodia Anglo-Saxon Rich. F
11 Alodie Anglo-Saxon Rich. F
12 Andsware Anglo-Saxon Answer. F
13 Andswaru Anglo-Saxon Answer. F
14 Anlicnes Anglo-Saxon Image. F
15 Anlienisse Anglo-Saxon Image. F
16 Annis Anglo-Saxon Unity. F
17 Ar Anglo-Saxon Mercy. F
18 Ardith Anglo-Saxon Good war. F
19 Arianrod Anglo-Saxon Silver wheel. F
20 Ashley Anglo-Saxon Dwells at the ash tree meadow. F

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