Makar Rasi (Capricorn Sign) 2022 Rashi Phal (Rashifal)

Makar Rasi (Capricorn Sign) 2022 Rashi Phal (Rashifal) Career, Finance, Health, Family, Education and Remedies

This year forecast is based on Moon sign or janma rashi not Sun sign or western Astrology based. If you do not know your moon sign or rashi please Click here to know your Moon sign or rashi

Makara Rashi year 2022 Rashiphal (Rashifal) People born under Uttarashadha (2, 3, 4Pada), Sravanam (4), Dhanishta (1, 2 Pada) comes under Makara rashi. Lord of this rashi is Saturn.

This year on April 13, Jupiter would enter Pisces Sign, 3rd house and Rahu in Aries Sign, 4th house, and Ketu in Libra sign, 10th house on April 12. On April 29, Saturn would enter Aquarius Sign, 2nd house and on July 12, it would transit Capricorn Sign, 1st house after becoming retrograde. Venus would remain combust from September 30 to November 21. Jupiter would remain combust from February 24 to March 23. Mars becomes Retrograde on October 30 and becomes direct on January 13, 2023. Jupiter becomes Retrograde on July 29 and becomes direct on November 24. Venus becomes Retrograde on December 19, 2021 and becomes direct on January 29, 2022. Saturn becomes Retrograde on June 5 and becomes direct on October 23.

The year 2022 Career Horoscope

Capricorn will be a mixture this year for them. The time till April is favorable, after that it is average.This year will be a mix for employees born in Capricorn. Jupiter’s transit is favorable till April and there is development in the profession. Those who are waiting for a promotion will be promoted as they wish at this time. This time is also economically favorable. Saturn’s aspect is on the third and tenth house, which increases the development of the profession as well as the work pressure. Even small tasks are forced to do with more effort. Even if you are recognized for what you do, doing it late will make that identity worthless. At this time Rahu’s transit is also average in the fifth house and you will have to give up opportunities due to fatigue in your decisions. In April, Jupiter and Rahu’s transit changes, and the pressure in the profession is likely to increase. Work stress is increased by the arrival of newcomers other than the superiors in the past or because you work in a new place or do a new job. Sometimes you have to work restlessly. Work away from home at this time. Between April and July, Saturn’s aspect is not on the tenth house, but development is average even if some pressure in the profession is reduced. In addition, there is a lack of proper recognition, no matter how much work you do, and you may not get the right result, even if you try to change your job or change the job area. However, the Transit of Ketu is favorable and can reduce some stress with the help of friends and well-wishers, even if there are problems. Due to Rahu’s transit being in the fifth house and the advice you give will be useful to others more than you. Even if others got benefits from you, they will not show you that thanks. From April onwards, Jupiter’s aspect on the eleventh house will see some development in the profession. During this time, travel is more likely to be accompanied by a change in profession, but after July, Saturn’s aspect on the fourth house will also lead to some professional difficulties. Not giving in to temptations can successfully deal with problems in the profession. It needs to be remembered that every problem that comes up during the Saturn of the day is not to damage you except to give you future successes. All this time will make you more expert and powerful and remove your shortcomings. So, it is advisable to face every obstacle at this time with patience and courage and take the lead.

The year 2022 Financial Horoscope

Capricorn this year will give them mixed results financially. Until April, Jupiter’s transit is the second int and the income is better. In place of money, due to Transit of Jupiter, not only through employment businesses, but also through inherited assets, or good profits for money invested in the past. Your family income will also increase during this time. Home, real estate, or vehicle are purchased at this time. Between April and July, Saturn is the second home, which can cause some financial problems. Suddenly, there will be a rise in costs and the return of your previous debts, during which Saturn’s aspect will be on the second house and there will be a decline in profits or income. In addition, the money due will come late without coming on time. At this time, Jupiter’s aspect is also on the second house, which reduces some of the bad results given by Saturn. It is not advisable to invest at this time or buy property. The transit of Ketu is also favorable till April, resulting in sudden monetary gain or unexpected money. Between July and December, Saturn’s aspect is not on the second house and there is some increase in revenue. But it is advisable to be careful about expenses as it is possible to spend more money on luxuries at this time. It is advisable not to spend money on unnecessary ones as the extravagance you make at this time will likely.

The year 2022 Family Horoscope

This year is favorable for people born in Capricorn sign in terms of family life. Between January and April, Jupiter’s transit is the second int and there is development in the family. Those who are looking forward to children will have children or those who are looking forward to marriage will get married at this time. Your relationship with your family members will improve. Your word and what you do will be valued and respected. You will have the opportunity to reach a higher level in society at this time. But it is advisable to do honestly what you do to reduce your desire for fame. There are some problems in the family as Saturn is in the second house between April and July. Adults in the house may have health problems or you may have to stay away from your family. You will be somewhat discouraged when you do not get the help you expect from your friends or family members. Moreover, it may be that your word is depreciated or that your family members do not follow what you say properly. This will help you to become discouraged and impatient. From July onwards, the problems in the family will be reduced as Saturn's transit arises from the second house to the first house. The difficulties you face at that time will be eliminated with the help of your friends. Your father's health will improve. At this time, due to Rahu's ritual in the fourth house, you may have to stay away from home for employment or other reasons or problems related to the house. The transit of Ketu is in the tenth house and may be distressed that you are not recognized for what you do. At this time, they participate in spiritual activities or perform Yagna etc. In addition, they participate in social activities.

The year 2022 Health Horoscope

People born in Capricorn sign will have mixed results regarding health this year. Jupiter’s transit is favorable till April and health improve. The health problems of the past are reduced to some extent. Although Saturn is likely to suffer from some problems physically, the favoring of Jupiter’s transit can quickly reduce these problems. During this time, Rahu’s transit in the fifth house and your immune system is reduced or the precautions you take can bring your health problems. In the middle of April and July, Saturn is in the second house, and health matters change. Health problems and gastric problems related to bones, teeth, and hands can trouble you at this time. However, Jupiter’s transit is favorable in the eleventh house and is likely to get proper treatment and reduce these health problems. At this time, Rahu’s transit is somewhat negative, mentally stressed, insomnia is high, which reduces digestion. It is advisable to have proper eating habits to reduce mental stress and reduce health problems during this time. Along with this, physical exercises reduce the bad results given by Saturn. From July onwards, Saturn's conversion to The Transit sign will create some health compatibility. But mentally, there is a possibility that some unknown pain and thought will trouble you. It is advisable to get yourself involved in some kind of work to reduce this effect. At this time, the Transit of Jupiter is favorable so with the help of family members and friends, there is a possibility of getting out of mental health problems.

Business and Self-Employment for the year 2022

This year will give mixed results to traders born in Capricorn. Though Jupiter’s transit is favorable till April, there are likely to be some problems in the business due to Saturn’s aspect on the seventh house. But it does not provide any obstacles to business development. You will be able to face the problems that have come up at this time with courage. At this time, the economic situation is better so you can withstand business fluctuations. There may be legal or shared problems in your business at this time. Trusting your effort sins as much as possible and working honestly will help you eliminate the problems in business. Between April and July, Saturn's transit is the second house and Jupiter’s aspect is on the seventh and eleventh house, which will bring good development in the business. The problems of the past will go away. The tasks you carry out will succeed. However, business expenses or investments are high at this time. In business terms, any business or spiritual or educational centers can be shared or developed with their help. This time there is a possibility of increased business travel. It is also possible to work restlessly. Between July and December, there may be some business problems or sluggish business. You will have to work harder for development in business at this time. Those who continue to live through self-employment or artists will see mixed results this year. Transit of Jupiter's favor till April will bring good opportunities and get a better financial position. However, at this time, they are somewhat discouraged by the lack of a name as planned. To gain recognition, you work tirelessly. Between April and July, Saturn's transit is in the second house and there are favorable changes in the conditions. Not only will you get opportunities, but you will also be recognized for your hard work and your skill. Receive awards and rewards. After July, there is a possibility of some obstacles again as Saturn's transit changes. Sometimes you give up on good opportunities and then suffer. It is advisable not to make hasty decisions at this time.

The year 2022 Horoscope for students

This year will have a mixed result for students born in Capricorn. Jupiter’s transit is favorable till April, so he does well in his studies. Interest and concentration in education increase. They also pass their exams well. Rahu’s transit is in the fifth house at this time and is likely to be somewhat careless about the exams. However, the lack of advice and instructions of the faculty at the right time can lead to careless writing in the examinations. From April to Jupiter’s transit in the third house, due to Rahu’s transit in the fourth house, Saturn’s aspect on the fourth house till July, the attention to education may be reduced or neglected. At this time, good results can only be achieved if you read carefully and do not lose your pride. You will be able to give up the neglect of education only if the name and reputation of the past are recognized as a reward for your hard work. Some development in education is possible as Saturn changes back to the birth sign after July. Those taking competitive exams will get a positive result in the first half of this year. It is advisable to believe in your hard work this year, remembering that in the second half, the state of the planet is average and does not work hard. This will help you achieve the desired result.

Remedies for the year 2022

For people born in the Capricorn sign, it is advisable to perform Remedies to Saturn, Jupiter, and Rahu this year. This year, these three planets are not favorable, so the remedy for these will reduce the bad results they give. Transit of Saturn is not good all this year, so it is better to read Shani Stotra every day or Hanuman Chalisa or hanuman Stotra. Apart from this, it is advisable to chant the Saturn mantra 19,000 times but to make Saturn peace. Since Saturn is satisfied with the hard work we do, physical hard work means serving the poor, the elderly, and the disabled as well as doing charity, which reduces Saturn's influence to a great extent. Since Jupiter’s transit will be in the middle of the third house from April this year, the bad effect of Jupiter will be reduced as Jupiter will be satisfied if he recites Jupiter's hymn every day, recites Guru Charitra, or recites other Jupiter-related hymns. Rahu will give in the fourth house from April this year, so it is better to recite Rahu Stotra or Durga Stotra every day. Apart from this, it is better to chant Rahu Mantra 18,000 times or perform Rahu Graha Shanti Yagna. The stage or interior stages of the above planets in your horoscope are running at this time but their effect is high. The above remedies can be followed according to your energy, devotion, and care. Moreover, the above remedies are not being told to follow all. It is advisable to serve the needy as much as possible along with these planetary Remedies.

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Please Note: All these predictions are based on planetary transits and these are Moon sign based predictions only. These are just indicative only, not personalised predictions.

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