Tula Rasi (Libra Sign) 2022 Rashi Phal (Rashifal)

Tula Rasi (Libra Sign) 2022 Rashi Phal (Rashifal) Career, Finance, Health, Family, Education and Remedies

This year forecast is based on Moon sign or janma rashi not Sun sign or western Astrology based. If you do not know your moon sign or rashi please Click here to know your Moon sign or rashi

Tula Rashi Year 2021Rashiphal (Rashifal) People born under Chitta (3,4 Pada), Swati (4), Vishakha (1, 2, 3 Pada) comes under Tula rashi. Lord of this rashi is Venus.

This year on April 13, Jupiter would enter Pisces Sign, 6th house and Rahu in Aries Sign, 7th house, and Ketu in Libra sign, 1st house on April 12. On April 29, Saturn would enter Aquarius Sign, 5th house and on July 12, it would transit Capricorn Sign, 4th house after becoming retrograde. Venus would remain combust from September 30 to November 21. Jupiter would remain combust from February 24 to March 23. Mars becomes Retrograde on October 30 and becomes direct on January 13, 2023. Jupiter becomes Retrograde on July 29 and becomes direct on November 24. Venus becomes Retrograde on December 19, 2021 and becomes direct on January 29, 2022. Saturn becomes Retrograde on June 5 and becomes direct on October 23.

The year 2022 Family Horoscope

Libra will be mixed for them this year. In terms of employment, Jupiter’s transit is in the fifth house till April, so that the job is not only developed but also economically favorable. Transit of Saturn is in the fourth house and the work pressure is high at this time. No matter how hard it works, it may not only delay the result but also not get the recognition it deserves. This will make you depressed and impatient. Even though there is development in the profession, it is not able to fully use it. However, you will strive to discharge the responsibilities given to you properly. Because of that, you will be away from family life. In April, Jupiter, Shani Rahu, and Ketu's change in transit will bring about some favorable change in these conditions. Some peace of mind is caused by the stress of work in the past. But you are afraid of a change in the job due to some of the things you have done in the past. Saturn's stay in the fifth house between April and July also reduces your chances of proving yourself at this time, even if the delay in what you do is reduced. Because of this, there is some hard work to be done for the development of the profession. In addition, your colleagues or those who want to make losses to you will have the opportunity to make a bad deed about you at this time. Such people should not be treated carelessly. Saturn's return to the fourth house in July is likely to increase the work pressure that has been low for some time. You will have the opportunity to work for name reputations at this time. Working with a strong desire to be recognized for everything done can reduce the attention to work and increase attention to other things. Jupiter’s aspect is on the second and eleventh house so there will be mixed results financially and, in terms of the profession at this time. Whatever you do, do it honestly without focusing on the result will get favorable results at this time.

The year 2022 Financial Horoscope

This year Libra is economically favorable in the first half but somewhat average in the second half. Jupiter’s transit is favorable till April and is economically favorable at this time. Jupiter’s aspect is not only economic benefits due to the work done, but also good profits from the investment you have made in the past. This will result in a better financial position. But at this time, if unnecessary expenses and expenses are not reduced, there is a possibility of financial difficulty, and care is also needed for new investments. The change of four planets in April will also change economic conditions. Even if income increases, the chances of saving money are reduced due to increased costs. Between April and July, Saturn’s aspect on the second house will reduce profits and the profits from investments will also be reduced somewhat, unlike in the past. Again, from July onwards, Saturn will move to four households and the costs will be reduced. In the case of health at this time, money is likely to be spent more on family members. In addition, money is also spent on good deeds or spiritual activities at this time. Then there is also the need to take care of investments. Since Jupiter’s transit is medium, it is advisable to invest money without hurrying in terms of investments.

The year 2022 Family Horoscope

This year will be mixed in terms of family. Jupiter’s transit is good till April so good deeds take place in your family or have a favorable atmosphere. Your child will come into development. You will get happiness because of them. At this time, those who are not married or have children can have children. Transit of Saturn and Rahu is not favorable at this time so you will not be able to spend much time with family due to work stress. In addition, there is a possibility of some disagreement between the husband and wife or with the spouse's family members. Problems with them may be caused by unnecessary misconceptions. However, Jupiter’s transit is favorable, so problems are faced with courage and resolved. In April, the change of four planets and signs along with Jupiter causes changes in the family. You will have to go to a different place by the job. Because of that, staying away from the family for some time. Also, there is a lack of understanding between the husband and wife due to Rahu’s transit in the seventh house. There is a possibility of quarrels about unrelated matters as well as differences between the two due to egoism. These problems are solved by the cooperation of family members. Between April and July, your offspring will have health problems or difficulties due to them. Because of that, you are mentally anxious. Unreasonably, too much concern for family members is taken care of. Because of that, family members get some irritation or anger at you. Such fears and worries are high due to the Transit of Ketu on the first house but there is no need to be too afraid of these. For the most part, they are just fears and not facts.

The year 2022 health Horoscope

People born in Libra sign will have mixed result regarding health. There is no need to worry too much about health as Jupiter’s transit is favorable till April. At this time, the problems that come with Saturn and Rahu are likely to cause health problems, but Jupiter is in favor so the problems that come up will be reduced quickly. However, at this time, some care is needed for food as well as work due to your job, and not eating on time can cause health problems. Neck, stomach, and spinal health problems can be difficult at this time, but Jupiter's attention is on the first house so that he can get out of these quickly. In April, Jupiter comes home to the sixth house and Ketu's first house, and Rahu’s seventh house. Physical health improves somewhat. However, mental health problems increase during this time due to Ketu's transit. Depression or loneliness can trouble you. Jupiter’s aspect on the second house will help you get rid of your mental health problems with the help of your family. At this time, engaging yourself in something as much as possible will reduce mental problems. The braver you are, the better your health.

The year 2022 health Horoscope

For traders born in Libra, the second half is average in some favor of the first half of this year. Till April, Jupiter’s transit is favorable and not only develops in business but is also economically favorable. But work pressure is high at this time. Work stress is accompanied by economic development so work stress is ignored. There will be some changes in the business as the four planets and signs change with the April Jupiter. Especially between April and July, Saturn is in the fifth house, and seeing the seventh house will result in some decline in business. The percentage of profits will be reduced due to reduced assistance from your partner. In addition, at this time, there will be conflicts with business partners or their separation. This will increase your work pressure. At this time, most of the problems are reduced by exercising as much restraint as possible and understanding and behaving with others. But being careful, your partner's mind is hurt and away from them, so you can study difficulties in business. Jupiter’s aspect is in a positive position, so it is somewhat economically favorable. It is advisable for those who think they have started a new business to start before April and then Transit of Jupiter will be average and hence it will not be very favorable for new investments and business openings. In place of the seventh house, Rahu’s transit gives a cut and perseverance in business, but it is better not to persevere in business at this time as it is more likely to give losses and problems than profits in business. Any decision is better to think twice and decide on the advice of experts or veterans as it is more likely to be a loss to yourself than the loss done to you by others. This year will be a mix for artists. Not only will good opportunities come in the first half, but your reputation will also increase. This time is also economically favorable. Transit of Saturn is at home until July after April and Rahu’s transit is in the seventh house and may have to work opportunities. At this time, you need to give up pride or arrogance, and not being able to take the opportunity you got in the second half will cause some difficulty in reputations, whether you are wrong or pulling away from the opportunities you have, but they will become more and more at this time. It is advisable to identify such people and be careful about them. Jupiter’s aspect is favorable so economically favorable.

The year 2022 Horoscope for students

This year will be moderate for students born in Libra. Jupiter’s transit is favorable till April so not only will you get good marks in the exams but also get admission to the desired schools. However, lethargy also increases at this time, so it is advisable to make the right decision at the right time without wasting the opportunities that have come up. In the middle of April to July, Saturn's transit is in the fifth house, which reduces lethargy, but does not do as well as expected in tests or studies. But if you try not to let go of perseverance, you will get a good result. Jupiter’s aspect is on the second house, so he does well in the exams or interviews. Those who are trying to work and write competitive exams will get the desired result in the second half of the year. They will give up fear and distrust and get the desired result by reading. After July, Saturn will be back in the fourth house, so more effort needs to be done in terms of education.

Remedies for the year 2022

People born in Libra are advised to practice remedies for Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu this year. This will have a bad effect on health, employment, family, and financially this year. It is advisable to recite Jupiter Stotra every day or recite Guru Charitra for the prevention of Jupiter's negative effect. Or 16,000 times Jupiter mantra chanting or Jupiter Shanti Yagna will reduce the bad results given by Jupiter. To reduce the bad influence of Saturn, Shani Stotra should be recited every day or hanuman Stotra chanting. Or it is better to chant Saturn mantra 19,000 times or make Saturn's peace. In addition, Shani calms down and gives positive results by serving the poor, old people, and the disabled. It is better to recite Rahu Stotra every day or recite Durga Stotra for the prevention of Rahu Graha's negative effect, or to chant the Rahu mantra 18,000 times or to make Rahu Graha Shanti Yagna. It is better to chant the Ketu mantra every day or recite Ganesh Stotra for the prevention of Ketu planetary negative effect. Or seven thousand times Ketu Mantra chant, it is better to make Ketu Graha Shanti. If Dasha or Antardasha of the above planets in your horoscope are running at this time, their effect will be greater. The above remedies can be followed according to your energy, devotion, and care. Moreover, the above remedies are not being told to follow all. It is advisable to serve the needy as much as possible along with these planetary Remedies.

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Please Note: All these predictions are based on planetary transits and these are Moon sign based predictions only. These are just indicative only, not personalised predictions.

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