Tula Rasi (Libra Sign) 2021 Rashi Phal (Rashifal)

Tula Rasi (Libra Sign) 2021 Rashi Phal (Rashifal) Career, Finance, Health, Family, Education and Remedies

This year forecast is based on Moon sign or janma rashi not Sun sign or western Astrology based. If you do not know your moon sign or rashi please Click here to know your Moon sign or rashi

Tula Rashi Year 2021Rashiphal (Rashifal) People born under Chitta (3,4 Pada), Swati (4), Vishakha (1, 2, 3 Pada) comes under Tula rashi. Lord of this rashi is Venus.

For Tula Rashi people, this year All the other slow-moving planets except Jupiter this year will continue their transit on their current signs. Saturn in Capricorn sign in the fourth house, Rahu in the 8th house in Taurus, Ketu in Scorpio sign, will continue their transit. Jupiter enters the fifth house in Aquarius sign on April 06. After becoming retrograde, he will resume his journey in 4th House of Capricorn on September 14, and Jupiter will enter the fifth house in Aquarius again on November 20.

Tula Rashi Career in the year 2021

For Libra, this year will give mixed result regarding your profession. Between January and April, you will face some professional difficulties and work pressure. You will be somewhat disappointed and frustrated because you do not get the result of your hard work. In some cases, you may have too much work pressure to leave. But now your work or effort is not in vain. This can be considered as the foundation of your future development. Now, everything you do hard work will help you develop your career in the future. Between April and September, the transit of Jupiter is favourable in the fifth house, so that the work will be stressed or more labour. You will get recognition for your hard work. Even if the work pressure is completely reduced, appreciation will help you to work with enthusiasm. Your superiors will appreciate your advice and suggestions because of your success. You will also get help and support from your colleagues. The aspect of Jupiter is on the eleventh house, and there is also economic development in the profession. You will be able to change to the place you want or to get the position you want. However, Saturn's aspect on the ascendant and tenth house may sometimes cause trouble for you. It is better to do any work but think twice and do it after that. Be careful not to do unreasonable things currently as Jupiter is in the fourth house from September to November. At this point, many people show flattery and point to errors in everything you do and try to insult you. Try to avoid such people. At this time, you are clear who your well-wishers are and who are looking to do your harm. Do not trust anyone blindly. Do your things yourself as much as possible.

Tula Rashi Family in the year 2021

This year will be mixed in family terms. Transit of Jupiter until April and Saturn's transit in 4th house, and transit of Rahu and Ketu is also not favourable, so the family's problems are increased at the beginning of the year, or the family members have health problems. Because Ketu is in the second house, you may worry about your family members without any reason. Because of this, more care is taken, and family members want to be kept in a way. This will result in a loss of respect for your family members or having a proper relationship with you. Try to understand the family members without being too careful and frightened. The transit of Jupiter is favourable from April; promising results will be achieved in the family. Jupiter's aspect on ascendant will reduce your anxieties and fears. There will be a peaceful atmosphere in the family as well. Your children and brothers will come into development. Those who are expecting marriage or children will get a favourable result between April and September. Your father's health will improve. You will travel with your family and make spiritual trips. You may move to a new home or travel abroad.

Tula Rashi Finance in the year 2021

Financially this year will be mixed for you. Transit of Jupiter in the fourth house until April, the expenses are not coming up on time. Saturn's aspect is on the sixth house and may have to borrow elsewhere because of the money not getting on time. You will have to spend more money to purchase a house, vehicle or help family member during this time. Also, the profits from your investments will be low. Rahu is in the eighth house, Ketu is in the second house, so many times you are more concerned about money. You borrow money from someone else for fear of not getting enough money. If you are patient, your financial problems will be reduced without much effort. Since April, the transit of Jupiter is favourable, and the economic issues will be reduced. The aspect of Jupiter is on the 11th house, the return of money that has stopped in the past, and the increase in income from investments will reduce the financial problems. The aspect of Jupiter on the first house and the ninth house will lead to the right time lying financial gains, and unexpected financial gain suppresses the economic problems of the past.

Tula Rashi Health in the year 2021

Regarding health, the first half of this year is average, but the second half is favourable. The transit of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are average and may have health problems between January and April. There is a chance that the immune system is reduced. You may suffer from health problems related to lungs, waist, spine, liver and mystery. It is advisable to make your eating habits or physical habits systematically. Since April, the transit of Jupiter is favourable in the fifth house; health problems will be reduced. Saturn and Rahu transit is not favourable throughout the year, so it is advisable to be careful about health as much as possible. Especially in the case of lung and stomach health problems. There is a possibility of mental stress due to occupation or family problems. To get rid of this, it is better to get used to yoga pranayama and keep yourself as enthusiastic as possible.

Tula Rashi Education in the year 2021

Libra born students will get mixed results this year. Since Jupiter and Saturn's transit is not favourable until April, students may have less interest in education and the nature of postponement increases. The study is postponed until the last minute, and eventually, you are under mental stress. It is better to reduce the essence of postponement as much as possible. Since April, the transit of Jupiter is favourable, the concentration of studies and interest increases. Those who are taking competitive exams will get a fair result between April and September.

Tula Rashi remedies for the year 2021

Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are not favourable throughout the year. Since Jupiter is in the fourth house till April, it is advisable to remedy The Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu throughout the year. Saturn's is in the fourth house, so there is a lot of stress in the profession or personal life. It is also good to compensate for it as there are health problems. It is better to read Shani Stotra every day, recite Hanuman Stotra or chant Shani mantra. It is good to serve the poor or orphans. They reduce the bad results of Saturn. Rahu will move in the eighth house throughout the year so that you will face undue insults during this time, obstacles in the work done and health problems. To reduce the evil results of Rahu, it is better to do Rahu Puja every day, read Rahu Stotra or perform Durga Puja. Also, Rahu mantra chanting effects in favourable results throughout the year. Ketu will be in the second house throughout the year and will cause family problems or financial problems. To reduce the harmful effect, it is better to perform Ketu Stotra every day, Ketu puja or Ganapati puja. It is advisable to remedy the Jupiter as the transit of Jupiter is not favourable between January and April and September to November. It is better to recite Guru Stotra every day or to recite Guru Charitra. It is better to chant The Guru Mantra to give good results throughout the year.

Check this month rashiphal for Tula rashi

Please Note: All these predictions are based on planetary transits and these are Moon sign based predictions only. These are just indicative only, not personalised predictions.

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