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61 Vanny Greek Diminutive of Vanessa: Butterfly. Also, from Phanessa, the mystic goddess of an ancient Greek brotherhood. F
62 Vanora Welsh White wave. F
63 Vanya Russian Gift of God. F
64 Var Norse Punishes adulterers. F
65 Vara Greek Stranger. F
66 Varaza Indian Boar. F
67 Varda Hebrew Rose. F
68 Vardit Hebrew Rose. F
69 Vared Hebrew Rose. F

70 Varina Slavic Foreigner. F
71 Varinka Russian Stranger. F
72 Varouna Hindi Infinite. F
73 Vartoughi Armenian Rose. F
74 Varunani Indian Goddess of wine. F
75 Varushka Russian Stranger. F
76 Varvara Greek Stranger. F
77 Varvara Slavic Foreigner. F
78 Varya Russian Stranger. F
79 Vashni Biblical The second, changed, a tooth. F
80 Vashti Biblical That drinks, thread F

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