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61 Urim Biblical Lights, fires. F
62 Urit Hebrew Light. F
63 Urseline Latin Bear. F
64 Ursola Latin Bear. F
65 Ursola Russian Little bear. F
66 Ursula Latin Bear. Famous Bearer: Swiss-born actress Ursula Andress. F
67 Ursula Russian Little bear. F
68 Ursula Scandinavian She-bear. A medieval saint's name. F
69 Ursula Shakespearean 'Much Ado About Nothing' Waiting gentlewoman attending on Hero. F

70 Ursule Latin Bear. F
71 Ursulina Spanish Little bear. F
72 Urzula Latin Bear. F
73 US opera singer Be English Feminine form of Beverley: Beaver stream, from the beaver meadow. Derived from a surname and place name. Although Beverley has sometimes been used as a girl's name, Beverly is the more common feminine form. F
74 Usha Hindi A princess. F
75 Usha Indian Daughter of Bana. F
76 Usha Sanskrit Dawn. Mythological daughter of heaven and sister of night. F
77 Ushas Indian Dawn. F
78 Usoa Spanish Dove. F
79 Uzma Muslim Greatest.. F
80 Uzzen-sherah Biblical Ear of the flesh. F

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