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121 Pauline Latin Feminine form of Paul: Little; small. F
122 Pauline Russian Little. F
123 Paulita Latin Small. F
124 Paulita Spanish Little. F
125 Pauwau NativeAmerican Witch (Algonquin). F
126 Pavati NativeAmerican Clear water (Hopi). F
127 Pavla Czechoslovakian Feminine form of Pavlov. F
128 Pavla Latin Small. F
129 Pavla Ukrainian Little. F

130 Pavlina Latin Small. F
131 Pax English Peaceful. F
132 Pax Latin Peace. F
133 Paz Hebrew Golden. F
134 Paz Spanish Peace. F
135 Paza Hebrew Golden. F
136 Pazia Hebrew Golden. F
137 Pazice Hebrew Golden. F
138 Pazit Hebrew Golden. F
139 Peace English Peace; peaceful. One of the many qualities and virtues that the Puritans adopted as names after the Reformation. F
140 Peace Latin Tranquil. F

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