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121 Nanelia Hebrew Grace. F
122 Nanelle Hebrew Grace. F
123 Nanetta Hebrew Grace. F
124 Nanette English Favor; grace. Variant of Ann or Anne: A variant of Hannah introduced to Britain in the 13th century. F
125 Nanette French Variant of Anne: favor; grace. F
126 Nanette Hebrew Grace. F
127 Nani Hawaiian Beauty; splendor. F
128 Nanine French Variant of Anne: favor; grace. F
129 Nanine Hebrew Grace. F

130 Nann English Variant of Anne, meaning favor; grace. F
131 Nann French Variant of Anne: favor; grace. F
132 Nanna Hebrew Grace. F
133 Nanna Norse Wife of Balder. F
134 Nanna Swedish Graceful. F
135 Nannette French Variant of Anne: favor; grace. F
136 Nannie Hebrew Grace. F
137 Nanny Hebrew Grace. F
138 Nanon French Grace. Favor. F
139 Naomi Biblical Beautiful; agreeable F
140 Naomi Hebrew Pleasant. F

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