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461 Nissa Scandinavian Friendly elf. F
462 Nisse Scandinavian Friendly elf. F
463 Nita Hebrew Grace. F
464 Nita NativeAmerican Bear (Choctaw). F
465 Nita Spanish Serious. F
466 Nitca Russian Born at Christmas. F
467 Nitsa Greek Peace. F
468 Nittawosew NativeAmerican She is not sterile (Algonquin). F
469 Nituna NativeAmerican Daughter. F

470 Nitza Hebrew Blossom. F
471 Nitzanah Hebrew Blossom. F
472 Niut Egyptian Mythical goddess of nothingness. F
473 Nixi Latin Goddesses who helped with childbirth. F
474 Nixie German Little water sprite. F
475 Nizana Hebrew Blossom. F
476 Njorthrbiartr Norse Heroic. F
477 No Biblical Stirring up, forbidding. F
478 Noadiah Biblical Witness, or ornament, of the Lord. F
479 Noah Biblical That quavers or totters (Zelophehad's daughter) F
480 Nob Biblical Discourse, prophecy. F

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