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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
261 Malak Hebrew Messenger. F
262 Malak Muslim Angel.. F

263 Malana Hawaiian Buoyant; light. F
264 Malcah Hebrew Queen. F
265 Malcsi Hungarian Industrious. F
266 Maleleel Biblical Praising God. F
267 Malena Scandinavian Woman from Magdala. Variant of Madeleine. F
268 Malena Swedish From the tower. F
269 Malene German Magnificent. F
270 Malene Swedish From the tower. F
271 Mali Welsh Welsh form of Molly: bitter. F
272 Malia Hawaiian Variant of Mary. F
273 Malia Spanish Variant of Maria. F

274 Malia Teutonic Hard working. F
275 Malika Hungarian Industrious. F
276 Malika Muslim Queen.. F
277 Malin Swedish From the tower. F
278 Malina Hawaiian Calming; soothing. F
279 Malina Hebrew From the tower. F
280 Malinda English Blend of Melissa and Linda. F

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