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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
41 Idetta German Hard working. F
42 Idetta Teutonic Merry. F

43 Idette German Hard working. F
44 Idette Teutonic Merry. F
45 Idla English Battle. F
46 Idna German Active. F
47 Idoia Spanish Reference to the Virgin Mary. F
48 Idola Greek A vision. F
49 Idona Norse Active in love. F
50 Idona Teutonic Hard working. F
51 Idone Teutonic Hard working. F
52 Idonea Latin Suitable. F
53 Idonea Norse Work. F

54 Idun Norse Active in love. F
55 Iduna Norse Active in love. F
56 Idunn Norse Active in love. F
57 Idurre Spanish Reference to the Virgin Mary. F
58 Ierna Latin From Ireland. F
59 Ierne Irish From Ireland. F
60 Ierne Latin From Ireland. F

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