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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
401 Glen Gaelic From the glen. Valley. F
402 Glenda Welsh Derived from a compound of words meaning holy and good. Famous bearer: British actress Glenda Jackson. F

403 Glenis Welsh Variant of Glenda. Fair, good, holy. F
404 Glenn Gaelic From the glen. Valley. Variant of Glenna. Famous bearer: actress Glenn Close. F
405 Glenna Gaelic Feminine form of Glen or Glenn, derived from the Gaelic 'gleana', meaning valley, or from the glen. F
406 Glenna Irish Of the glen. F
407 Glenne Gaelic Valley. From the glen. F
408 Glennis Gaelic From the glen. Valley. F
409 Glenys Welsh Variant of Glenda. Fair, good, holy. F
410 Glinda Welsh Fair; good. F
411 Glinys Welsh Little valley. F
412 Gliona Irish From the Greek Cleone, daughter of a river god. F
413 Gloria Latin Glory. Famous bearer: a character in playright George Bernard Shaw's 'You Never Can Tell', and American actress Gloria Swanson. F

414 Gloriana English Glorious grace. F
415 Gloriane English Glorious grace. F
416 Glorianna English Glorious grace. F
417 Glorianna Latin Glory. F
418 Glorianne Latin Glory. F
419 Gloribel Latin Glory. F
420 Gloriosa Latin Glory. F

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