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141 Fayth English Faithful. F
142 Faythe Greek Confidence; trust; belief. F
143 Faythe Latin Confidence; trust; belief. F
144 Fe Spanish Trust. F
145 Fealty French Faithful. F
146 Fearchara Scottish Dear. F
147 Fearcharia Scottish Dear. F
148 Fedelm Celtic Mythical wife of Loegaire. F
149 Federikke Danish Feminine form of Frederik. F

150 Fedora Greek God's gift. F
151 Fedora Russian Variant of Feodora: Derived from the Greek Theodora, meaning God's gift. F
152 Fedosia Slavic God's gift. F
153 Fee'iza Muslim Variant of Faizah: Victorious. Winner.. F
154 Feeidha Muslim Rewarding. Generous.. F
155 Feenat Irish Deer. F
156 Feet'in Muslim Variant of Fit'in: Clever. Smart.. F
157 Fela Polish Lucky. F
158 Felabeorht English Brilliant. F
159 Felberta English Brilliant. F
160 Felda German From the field. F

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