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401 Frici Hungarian Hungarian form of Fredrika, meaning a peaceful ruler. F
402 Frida Norse Beautiful. F
403 Frida Swedish Peaceful. F
404 Frida Teutonic Tranquil leader. F
405 Frideborg Swedish Peaceful. F
406 Frideborg Teutonic Tranquil aide. F
407 Frieda English A variant of Freda, from Fredrick, meaning peaceful ruler. F
408 Frieda German A feminine form of Frederick. Famous bearer: The twentieth century German wife of British writer D. H. Lawrence. F
409 Frieda Norse Beautiful. F

410 Friedegard Teutonic Tranquil leader. F
411 Friedegarde Teutonic Tranquil leader. F
412 Friederika Teutonic Tranquil leader. F
413 Friederike Teutonic Tranquil leader. F
414 Frigga Norse Goddess of matrimonial love. F
415 Frika Norse Peaceful ruler. F
416 Frikka Norse Peaceful ruler. F
417 Fritjof Swedish Peaceful. F
418 Fritjof Teutonic Tranquil aide. F
419 Fritzi German Nickname for Frederica. Peaceful ruler. F
420 Fritzi Teutonic Tranquil leader. F

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