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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1001 Clotilda German Heroine. Famous battle. Derived from the Old German 'hloda' meaning loud or famous, and 'hildi' meaning battle. Famous bearer: 6th century saint Clotilda was married to King Clovis, and played a major role in his conversion to Christianity. F
1002 Clotilda Teutonic Renowned for war. F

1003 Clotilde German Heroine. F
1004 Clotilde Teutonic Renowned for war. F
1005 Clover Anglo-Saxon Clover. F
1006 Clover English Clover. F
1007 Clymena Greek Mother of Atalanta. F
1008 Clymene Greek Mother of Atalanta. F
1009 Clymene Latin Amazon. F
1010 Clyte Greek A water nymph. F
1011 Clytemnestra Greek Murdered Agamemnon. F
1012 Clytie Greek Mythological water nymph who loved the sun god Helios. She was changed into a sunflower and now always turns her face toward the sun. F
1013 Cnidus Biblical Age. F

1014 Cochava Hebrew Star. F
1015 Cocheta NativeAmerican Stranger. F
1016 Coco French A pet name. F
1017 Coco Spanish Abbreviation of Socorro meaning help. F
1018 Codee English Cushion. Helpful. F
1019 Codee Irish Helpful. F
1020 Codi English Cushion. Helpful. F

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