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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1941 Atad Biblical A thorn. F
1942 Atalanta Greek A huntress. F

1943 Atalanta Latin A huntress. F
1944 Atalante Greek A huntress. F
1945 Atalaya Spanish Guardtower. F
1946 Atali Swedish Pure. F
1947 Atalia Hebrew God is great. F
1948 Atalie Hebrew God is great. F
1949 Atalie Swedish Pure. F
1950 Atara Hebrew Crowned. F
1951 Atarah Hebrew Crowned. F
1952 Ate Greek Goddess of irrationality. F
1953 Atella Latin From Atella. F

1954 Atepa NativeAmerican Wigwam (Choctaw). F
1955 Ater Biblical Left hand, shut. F
1956 Atera Hebrew Pray. F
1957 Ateret Hebrew Crowned. F
1958 Atgas Welsh Hateful. F
1959 Athach Biblical Thy time. F
1960 Athaiah Biblical The Lord's time. F

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