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81 Zaphnath-paaneah Biblical One who discovers hidden things. M
82 Zapotocky Czechoslovakian From beyond the brook. M
83 Zarad Hebrew Ambush. M
84 Zarah Biblical East, brightness. M
85 Zareah Biblical Leprosy, hornet. M
86 Zared Biblical Strange descent. M
87 Zared Hebrew Ambush. M
88 Zareef Muslim Variant of Zarif: Elegant. Witty.. M
89 Zarek Greek God protect the king. M

90 Zarek Polish God protect the king. M
91 Zarek Slavic God protects. M
92 Zarephath Biblical Ambush of the mouth. M
93 Zaretan Biblical Tribulation, perplexity. M
94 Zarif Muslim Elegant. Witty.. M
95 Zatthu Biblical Olive tree. M
96 Zauq Muslim Taste. Perceptivity.. M
97 Zayd Muslim Superabundance.. M
98 Zayit Hebrew Olive. M
99 Zayne English Variant of Zane or John. M
100 Zaza Biblical Belonging to all. M

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