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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
401 Sefton English From Sefton; town in the rushes. M
402 Sefu Egyptian Sword. M

403 Segar English Seaman. M
404 Segenam NativeAmerican Lazy (Algonquin). M
405 Seger English Seaman. M
406 Segub Biblical Fortified, raised. M
407 Segundo Latin Born second. M
408 Segundo Spanish Born second. M
409 Sehaam Muslim Variant of Seham: Shares. Arrows.. M
410 Seham Muslim Shares. Arrows.. M
411 Seifred Teutonic Victorious peace. M
412 Seigmund Teutonic Victorious defender. M
413 Seignour French Lord of the manor. M

414 Seiji Japanese Lawful; manages affairs of state. M
415 Sein Spanish Innocent. M
416 Seir Biblical Hairy, goat, demon, tempest. M
417 Seirath Biblical Hairy, goat, demon, tempest. M
418 Seireadan Irish Untamed. M
419 Seith Welsh Seven. M
420 Sekani Egyptian Laughs. M

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