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161 Pasqual Spanish Passover. M
162 Pasquale French Born on Easter. M
163 Pasquale Italian Passover. M
164 Pastor Latin Shepherd. M
165 Pat English Patrician, noble. Abbreviation of Patrick. M
166 Pat Irish Patrician; noble. Abbreviation of Patrick. M
167 Pat Latin Regal; noble. Diminutive of Patrick. M
168 Pat NativeAmerican Fish. M
169 Patamon NativeAmerican Tempest. M

170 Patara Biblical Trodden under foot. M
171 Pathros Biblical Mouthful of dough, persuasion of ruin. M
172 Pathrusim Biblical Mouthful of dough, persuasion of ruin. M
173 PatIyk Latin Regal. M
174 Patmos Biblical Mortal. M
175 Paton English From the warrior's town. M
176 Paton Latin Regal. M
177 Paton Scottish Royal. M
178 Patric French Patrician; noble. Form of Patrick. M
179 Patrice Latin Regal. M
180 Patricio Latin Regal. M

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