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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
721 Pryor English Servant of the priory. M
722 Pryor French Head of a priory. M

723 Psamtic Egyptian Name of a pharaoh. M
724 Pslomydes ArthurianLegend A knight. M
725 Psusennes Egyptian Name of a pharaoh. M
726 Ptah Egyptian God worshipped in Memphis. M
727 Ptolemy Egyptian Name of a pharaoh. M
728 Puah Biblical Mouth, corner, bush of hair. M
729 Publius Biblical Common. M
730 Publius Latin A hero who saved Rome. M
731 Pudens Biblical Shamefaced. M
732 Pueblo Spanish From the city. M
733 Pul Biblical Bean, destruction. M

734 Pumeet Indian Innocent. M
735 Punites Biblical Beholding, my face. M
736 Punon Biblical Precious stone, that beholds. M
737 Pur Biblical Lot. M
738 Purdy Hindi Recluse. M
739 Purim Biblical Lot. M
740 Puteoli Biblical Sulphureous wells. M

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