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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
21 Naasih Muslim Variant of Nasih: Advisor.. M
22 Naasik Muslim Variant of Nasik: Pious. Devotee.. M

23 Naasir Muslim Variant of Nasir: Supporter. Protector. Granting victory.. M
24 Naathim Muslim Variant of Nathim: Arranger. Adjuster.. M
25 Naayaab Muslim Variant of Nayab: Rare. Precious.. M
26 Naaz Muslim Variant of Naz: Pride. Delicacy.. M
27 Naazeer Muslim Variant of Naazir: Observant. Spectator.. M
28 Naazim Muslim Variant of Nazim: Arranger. Organizer.. M
29 Naazir Muslim Observant. Spectator.. M
30 Nab Scottish Abbot. M
31 Nabal Biblical Fool, senseless. M
32 Nabeel Muslim Variant of Nabil: Noble. Magnanimous.. M
33 Nabeh Muslim Noble. Outstanding.. M

34 Nabhan Muslim Noble. Outstanding.. M
35 Nabi Ulmalhamsh Arabic Prophet of war. M
36 Nabih Muslim Variant of Nabeh: Noble. Outstanding.. M
37 Nabil Arabic Noble. M
38 Nabil Muslim Noble. Magnanimous.. M
39 Naboth Biblical Words, prophecies. M
40 Nachman Hebrew Compassionate. M

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