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121 Lansa NativeAmerican Lance (Hopi). M
122 Lanston English From the long estate. M
123 Lantz Yiddish Lancer. M
124 Lany Irish Servant. M
125 Lanzo Italian Form of Lance. M
126 Laochailan Scottish Waning. M
127 Laocoon Greek Son of Priam. M
128 Laocoon Latin Son of Priam. M
129 Laodicea Biblical Just people. M

130 Laoghaire Irish Shepherd. M
131 Laoidhigh Irish Poetic. M
132 Laomedon Greek Father of Priam. M
133 Laomedon Latin Father of Priam. M
134 Lapidos Hebrew Torch. M
135 Lapidoth Biblical Enlightened, lamps. M
136 Lapidoth Hebrew Torch. M
137 Lapu NativeAmerican Cedar bark (Hopi). M
138 Lar Anglo-Saxon Teaches. M
139 Laramae Latin Protection. Derived from 'lares' - individual Roman household gods who were protectors of home and fields. M
140 Laramie French Surname with American connotations due to Laramie; a town in Wyoming USA on the Overland Trail of the Pony Express. M


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