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761 Lut Muslim The Biblical Lot is the English language equivalent.. M
762 Lutfi Muslim Kind and friendly.. M
763 Luthais Gaelic Famous in battle. M
764 Luthais Scottish Famous warrior. M
765 Luther English Lute player. Derived from Old French 'luthier'. Famous Bearer: American black civil-rights leader Martin Luther King. M
766 Luther German Famous people. Derived from the surname of German religious reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546). Famous Bearer: American black civil-rights leader Martin Luther King. M
767 Luther Teutonic Famous in war. M
768 Lutz German Famous fighter. M
769 Luxovious Celtic Mythical god of Luxeuil. M

770 Luz Biblical Separation, departure, an almond. M
771 Luzige Egyptian Locust. M
772 Lyaksandro Ukrainian Defender of man. M
773 Lyall Scottish Surname meaning loyal. M
774 Lyam Irish Form of William. M
775 Lycaon Greek A king of Arcadia. M
776 Lycomedes Greek A king of Scyros. M
777 Lycurgus Greek A king of the Edones. M
778 Lycus Latin Friend of Hercules. M
779 Lydell English From the open dell. M
780 Lydell Scottish A surname often used as a given name. M

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