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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
441 Liam Teutonic Resolute defender. M
442 Liana Latin Diminutive of Juliana F: Youthful. The feminine form of Julian. Famous Bearer: Former Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. M

443 Liaqat Muslim Fitness. Ability.. M
444 Libby English Diminutive of Elizabeth. M
445 Liber Latin Another name for Dionysus. M
446 Libnah Biblical White, whiteness. M
447 Libni Biblical White, whiteness. M
448 Libya Biblical The heart of the sea, fat. M
449 Lichas Greek Hercules' friend. M
450 Lichas Latin Friend of Hercules. M
451 Licus Latin Friend of Hercules. M
452 Lidmann Anglo-Saxon Sailor. M
453 Lidskjalf Norse Throne of Odin. M

454 Lifton English From tbe hillside town. M
455 Ligarius Shakespearean 'Cymbeline' Caius Lucius, General of the Roman Forces. 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' Caius Ligarius, a conspirator against Caesar. M
456 Lilian English Variant of Lillian derived from the flower name Lily. Symbol of innocence; purity; beauty. M
457 Lilliane Latin Variant of Lillian derived from the flower name Lily. Symbol of innocence; purity; beauty. M
458 Lilybeth English Blend of Lily: (the flower; innocence; purity; beauty) and Elizabeth: (My God is bountiful;God of plenty.). M
459 Lin Anglo-Saxon Dwells by the torrent. M
460 Lin English From the linden tree dell. M

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