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Welcome to our baby name section. in This section you can find various meaningful names for your child. This section contains thousunds of baby names from various regions in this world. Hindu Baby names, Mulsim Baby names, Christian baby names and many more.. Check desired region for baby name. These names are sorted alabatically for male and female children.

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821 Joss Hebrew Abbreviation of Joshua 'Jehovah is salvation.'. M
822 JosT Hebrew Variant of Joseph: May Jehovah add/give increase. M
823 JosT Spanish The Spanish form of Joseph: May Jehovah add. Addition (to the family). M
824 Josu Hebrew God saves. M
825 Josue Hebrew God is salvation. M
826 Josue Spanish Spanish form of Joshua 'He shall add'. M
827 Jotham Biblical The perfection of the Lord M
828 Jotham Hebrew Jehovah is perfect. May Jehovah complete. In the Old Testament, Gideon's youngest son, who escaped the massacre of his seventy brothers. Also a king of Judah during a time of military strife. M
829 Jothath Biblical His goodness M

830 Jothatha Biblical His goodness M
831 Jourdaine English Variant of Hebrew Jordan 'down flowing.'. M
832 Jourdaine Hebrew Variant of Hebrew Jordan 'down flowing.'. M
833 Jourdan French Variant of Hebrew Jordan 'down flowing.'. M
834 Jourdon English Variant of Hebrew Jordan 'down flowing.'. M
835 Jourdon Hebrew Variant of Hebrew Jordan 'down flowing.'. M
836 Jov Hebrew Supplanter. M
837 Jov Russian Form of Job 'persecuted'. M
838 Jovan Latin Father of the sky. Form of Jove from Jupiter. Jupiter was Roman mythological supreme deity corresponding to the Greek Zeus. M
839 Jovani Latin Form of Jovan 'Father of the sky.'. M
840 Jovann Latin Form of Jovan 'Father of the sky.'. M

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